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Survival of “Green Tax” May Prove an Uphill Battle

France’s promised “green tax” will not place an additional burden on the French public, Environment Minister Philippe Martin announced on August 22. Although virtually no specific details have been made public, Martin assured French citizens—many of them weary of their country’s already high taxes—that the new tax would not place an additional squeeze on consumers. Based on Martin’s promises and statements from other government officials, it can be inferred that the new carbon tax—if approved—will[Read More…]

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Questions remain after Trappes riots, sentencing

A French court has sentenced a 19-year-old rioter to six months in prison, making him the first person to be convicted in connection with this week’s civil unrest in Trappes. The primarily working class commune, home to many North African Muslim immigrants, became the latest scene of violent clashes between the police and banlieu youths, beginning on the evening of Friday, July 19. The riot is thought to have grown out of a dispute between[Read More…]

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Housing Minister Brought to Tears after Attack by the Right

At Tuesday’s National Assembly, Cécile Duflot, Housing Minister and former leader of the party European Ecology – The Greens (EELV), was moved to tears after a UMP deputy questioned a polemic tweet from her partner. The scandal began on Sunday, July 14th, when Xavier Cantat, Duflot’s husband and an environmental activist, confessed on Twitter that he was glad to boycott the Bastille Day parade. He rejected an invitation to witness the celebration tweeting, “Proud that[Read More…]

France Eases Stem Cell Research Ban, but Fight is Not Over

The French National Assembly passed a bill that will expand embryonic stem cell research in France, by a comfortable margin, but experts say that the fight over stem cells is far from over. The proposed law had already been adopted by the Senate, the upper house of France’s Parliament. Despite vociferous opposition from some, it passed the National Assembly by a comfortable margin. Before this week’s vote, embryonic stem cell research in France had effectively[Read More…]

Mayor of Nice Targets Roma in Racialized “Call to Revolt”

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and prominent member of the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP), presented on Sunday his instructions for “subduing” the gens du voyage, or travelers, as the Roma are often called. His proposal consists of installing surveillance cameras in Roma camps, reviving registration plates, and even enforcing a judiciary procedure allowing the seizure of vehicles. This so-called “call to revolt” has been perceived as an act of hatred against a[Read More…]

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