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Small Bookstores Win Again Against Amazon

PARIS- After years of debate, French booksellers won another victory earlier this month against Amazon and other large booksellers, when the French Senate banned the practice of free shipping, one of the perks of using many online megastores. On the corner of the square outside the Sorbonne in Paris, tourists are unlikely to notice a small bookstore, Vrin. This small, independent bookstore in the heart of the Latin Quarter only publishes philosophy books. Some French bookstores[Read More…]

Back From Broadway: Why Are the French So Reluctant to Belong?

When I got back to France after a semester at Columbia University, my friends welcomed me as if those four months “abroad on Broadway” had not really happened. But there was a tiny glitch in the illusion that nothing had changed and it quickly reminded me that I had truly been abroad in a foreign country. As a souvenir of my time spent there, I still wear a Columbia sweatshirt. It was such a common[Read More…]

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Abroad on Broadway: One Block at a Time

This column is inspired by the now famous book Paris versus New York by Vahram Muratyan. Despite the enthusiasm it triggers among its readers, the book is deceiving in one way: it offers no actual comparison of the two cities, as the title implies. Indeed, it draws an inspired parallel of the two cities, but cannot go beyond the limits of its own publishing format. It leaves no room for dialogue or comparisons, even though[Read More…]

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Debate Surrounds Bretigny Train Crash

Authorities are probing into the deadly train crash that occurred on Friday at Bretigny-sur-Orges, just south of Paris. The SNCF train had been heading toward Limoges when it derailed and crashed into the station platform. Six people died, and nearly 200 were injured in the accident. A total of 385 passengers were aboard. The crash immediately came to the forefront of French news, as the rail company SNCF is France’s national state-owned railway. Additionally, the[Read More…]

La Manif Pour Tous Still Rallies to Protect the Family

Weeks after the same-sex marriage bill passed into law in France, La Manif Pour Tous partook in a mass demonstration in Paris on May 26. In the spirit of mother’s day, they hoped to advocate for the protection of the traditional family.  The police counted 150,000 people to be in attendance, but the event organizers’ report claimed the number of people to be closer to one million. Yet, despite a larger turnout, one supporter griped,[Read More…]

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