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What Is Wrong with Paris: How Public Transportation Divides the City of Lights

  PARIS – I am what Parisians call a “provincial.” This derogatory term comes from the days of the monarchy when France was divided between a royal capital and provinces ruled as fiefdoms by noble families. Though the French have done away with the king, they have yet to discard the notion that Paris is the center of the universe. Some Parisians still believe it is the only city in the country worth interest. Paris[Read More…]

Paris Rethinks Governance with Projects Underway to Streamline Efficiency

With plans to overhaul the governing body of Paris and the surrounding suburbs, the Mayor of the City of Lights may soon be looking at a new job description.  Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced a plan to bring the mayors and other regional and departmental heads of Paris together under a new ministry, the “Métropole de Paris” (The Metropolis of Paris).  This council would be compromised of these individuals who would then elect a president[Read More…]