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Mediapart and Sarkozy Campaign Allegations Reignited

An article published on December 12 in the French Vanity Fair has resurfaced issues in the ongoing investigation into an alleged donation Nicolas Sarkozy received from the Libyan dictatorship during his 2007 presidential campaign. In March and April of 2012, French online investigative journal Mediapart published a document stating that former president Nicolas Sarkozy had received donations from Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi between the two rounds of his 2007 presidential campaign.  The articles published by Mediapart point[Read More…]

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Bayrou & Borloo Unite Again in Formation of The Alternative

It was like a family reunion. Not the kind when your family gathers every Christmas or Easter, but instead when you resolve a longstanding family dispute and make peace with a brother you have not seen in ten years. François Bayrou and Jean-Louis Borloo have joined their efforts and formed a new political party, the Alternative. Bayrou and Borloo are political brothers who were brought up in the center-right movement Union pour la Démocratie Française[Read More…]

Sarkozy Cleared of Wrongdoing in Latest Chapter of Bettencourt Saga

Charges against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy connected to his alleged involvement in the Bettencourt scandal have been dropped by a Bourdeaux court. “In deciding to dismiss the case, the court has declared me innocent in the Bettencourt affair,” Sarkozy posted in his official Facebook page early Monday evening. “Two-and-a-half years of investigation. Three judges. Dozens of police. Twenty-two hours of questioning and confrontations. Four searches. Hundreds of articles calling into question my integrity during[Read More…]

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Hope for Major Fiscal Reform “Buried”

Institution of a major fiscal reform plan was the keystone and fourteenth major commitment of François Hollande’s 2012 presidential campaign. As a candidate, he emphasized the necessity for a “fiscal revolution” overseen by the next executive. The goal was to combine the taxes contributing to social security and absorption of associated debt with the income tax. The result was to be a tax paid by all, with fewer loopholes. The changes, referred to as a[Read More…]

Violent Outbreaks in Parisian Suburbs Highlight Religious Tensions

Nearly 250 youth in the town of Trappes skirmished with city police during the evening of Friday, July 19 and early morning of Saturday, July 20. The attacks were launched in protest of the arrest of a Muslim woman for wearing a niqab, or veil that fully covers the face with a slit for the eyes. The garments — worn by a small number of Muslim women out of modesty — were made illegal under[Read More…]