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National Assembly Rejects Bill Aiming to Tax Representatives’ Income

The centrist group in the Assembly and its leader Jean-Louis Borloo upset the cycle with a bill concerning the taxation of the representatives’ income. The bill’s rejection highlights once again the weakness of the relationship between the French and its representatives. On July 20th, the representatives in the French Assembly rejected the bill proposed by a centrist group, the Union des Démocrates et Indépendants (UDI), called the “Courson amendment”. It intended to tax the income[Read More…]

Ayrault’s State of the Nation Address: A Balancing Act for the PM

Before the newly elected French Assembly gathered for its first session, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault delivered a speech Tuesday that outlined the main plans of his government’s anticipated political action. Ayrault needed to gain a vote of confidence for his government from the representatives, already considered a given with the socialists  holding the absolute majority in the Assembly. The vote of confidence is when the National Assembly officially approves the PM and his government. Until[Read More…]

It’s Back to the Benches for the New Representatives

On May 26th, the newly elected representatives of the French National Assembly chose their President. For some, this was new and exhilarating, while others made their way back to the benches that had been theirs for years before. After months of intense campaigning, this is an important moment when political forces begin navigating a new balance that will dictate the five years to come. This new Assembly witnessed a reversal of the majority party. After[Read More…]

French Citizens Abroad Give the Left An Edge in Legislative Elections

French citizens abroad, voting one week before the Metropolitan French, voted for the Left in seven of the eleven constituencies abroad. This confirms the previous positive prospects for the Left for the national legislative elections taking place on Sunday. It was the first time that the French citizens living abroad could vote for the legislative elections and elect their own representative for their own constituency. In 2008, amidst several amendments to the French Constitution, eleven[Read More…]