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Why Amiens Turned Violent

The violence that erupted in the northern French city of Amiens the night of August 13th has brought France and the rest of the world into a state of shock. While violence this extreme is rare, the events are not random but the result of a long struggle in the northern part of the city between residents and police. The violence started at a memorial service that was being held that night for a young[Read More…]

“This is the end” For The Highly Controversial “Guéant’s Circular”

Yesterday, May 31st, the famous “Guéant’s Circular”, was revoked. It comes exactly one year after Claude Guéant, the former Minister of the Interior, published the order. This was one of Hollande’s promises during the campaign. The “Guéant Circular”, named after its principle proponent, was highly controversial in France as well as abroad, as the circular made it harder for foreign students who had pursued education in France to acquire working papers to stay in the[Read More…]

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