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Hollande Jeered During Armistice Ceremonies in Paris

French police were forced to detain 73 individuals at Armistice Day ceremonies along the Champs-Élysées this past Monday, November 11.  The disruption was caused by a number of protesters who jeered French President François Hollande as he approached the Arc de Triomphe to lay flowers on the tomb of the unknown soldier. French media reported that it was the first time a President had been mocked during the yearly ceremony, which commemorates the signing of[Read More…]

President Hollande Fails to Quell Leonarda Affair

President François Hollande continues his involvement in the case of Leonarda Dibrani, the fifteen-year-old Romani girl deported to Kosovo over a week ago because her family was living illegally in France for nearly five years. Attempting to avoid any further debate on immigration issues, Hollande issued a statement via national television on October 19, stating that Leonarda was welcome to return without her parents. While it’s a legally viable solution as long as Leonarda acquires a[Read More…]

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Deportation of Roma Students Sparks Impassioned Protests

The streets of Paris were the scene of great disruption on Thursday, October 17, as high school students protested the expulsion of Roma school children, Leonarda (15) and Katchik (19). Both students belonged to families of illegal Roma immigrants, and their deportations were a result of the ongoing effort to dismantle Roma camps in a pan-European crackdown on immigration. The deportation initiative, started by the center-right party of Nicolas Sarkozy, continues to be enforced by[Read More…]

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Valls’ Widespread Popularity with Public Belies Criticism from Peers

Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior and one of France’s leading Parti socialiste (PS) politicians, is back in the domestic headlines this past week, although for reasons other than the purely political. Still in the public eye for polemical comments made over Roma settlements in late September, Valls has continued grab media attention by way of aggressive attacks on his party’s opposition, and most recently – and bizarrely – through his sex appeal. According to a[Read More…]

Marseille and Colombes Find Themselves Caught Between Drug-Dealing Gangs

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, a shootout transpired in the late afternoon in Colombes, France, a town located in the Hauts-de-Seine region of Paris. Tuesday’s shootout involved a group of young men who shot at a man driving a vehicle. The conflict was subsequent to a clash of a similar nature occurring less than 24 hours earlier. Most of the violence in Colombes and Marseille centers on illegal drug operations and competition between rival gangs.[Read More…]

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