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Le Pen Faces Legal Trouble for Anti-Muslim Speech

Front national (FN) leader and member of the European Parliament Marine Le Pen may face charges over inciting racial hatred after a special vote in the EP. In a December 2010 speech, Le Pen compared Muslims praying in French streets to France’s Nazi occupiers. French prosecutors had hoped to charge Le Pen with inciting religious hatred, but her parliamentary immunity protected her. “There may not be tanks or soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation,”[Read More…]

“Anti-White Racism”: How the Right Broke the Republican Pact

Politics is often a battle of spin doctors and communication experts. At this game, populist parties – in general at the extremes of the political spectrum – have always had the game easier than traditional parties. While the former tried and managed to play on people’s emotions, the latter were bonded by the responsibilities of mainstream parties. Therefore, mainstream parties had an implicit pact to unite against all declarations that could put our capacity to[Read More…]

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When the Devil files a complaint against the Virgin

Marine Le Pen does not like being associated with the dark hour of history and once again, she has made it known. The Front National (FN) announced on Sunday its intent to file a complaint against the singer, Madonna, following the broadcast of a video clip during her concert in Paris, which shows the President of FN marked with a swastika. Saturday night in a French arena, the queen of pop sang her song Nobody[Read More…]

Feature: The Le Pen Dynasty

In 1956, Jean-Marie Le Pen, then 27 years old, became the youngest deputy ever elected to the French National Assembly. In 1972, he founded the Front National (FN), the extreme-right party that would be his legacy. The party stayed relatively inactive until 1984, when it won ten seats in the European Parliament. Two years later the FN obtained 35 seats in the French National Assembly. Over the years, the party has monopolized the extreme-right vote[Read More…]