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Sarkozy’s “Republicans” May Redefine Fundamental Notions

  Lille – Since former French President Nicolas Sarkozy returned to politics last fall and took back control of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) as party chairman, he has worked to build the party into what it once was: the perfect machine to conquer the seated power. After reorganizing the party’s structure, Sarkozy decided last month to take the next step in this reconstruction by changing the party’s name. Out with the UMP.[Read More…]

Xenophobia Continues to be Pervading Problem in France

Xenophobia and anti-Islamic sentiment have been on the rise in Europe, and France is no stranger to this trend. Racism in public discourse has become especially conspicuous in recent years.  In the political arena, politicians are no strangers to dealing with xenophobia. This turmoil can be attributed in part to the influx of immigrants from post-colonial Africa. The floundering economy has prompted nationalists to protest that the immigrants are taking away opportunities from domestic candidates.[Read More…]

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Mayor of Nice Targets Roma in Racialized “Call to Revolt”

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and prominent member of the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP), presented on Sunday his instructions for “subduing” the gens du voyage, or travelers, as the Roma are often called. His proposal consists of installing surveillance cameras in Roma camps, reviving registration plates, and even enforcing a judiciary procedure allowing the seizure of vehicles. This so-called “call to revolt” has been perceived as an act of hatred against a[Read More…]

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European Parliament Revokes Le Pen’s Immunity

Front national (FN) president and Member of the European Parliament Marine Le Pen has lost her parliamentary immunity, opening the way to hate speech prosecution in France. Le Pen was stripped of her immunity by a large margin following a show-of-hands vote in the European Parliament on July 2. She was present for the vote along with her father, former presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen. The vote comes approximately one month after the EP’s Legal[Read More…]

Increasing Taxes on Families Seen as “Lesser of Two Evils”

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced his decision on the reform of family benefits, as part of a solution to closing a two billion euro annual deficit of the Caisse nationale des allocation familiales (CNAF), part of France’s social security program. Ayrault has been working with the Haut conseil de la famille (HCF) on plans to reduce the chronic deficit since April, and finally announced his decision on Tuesday, June 3. The chosen reform will lower[Read More…]

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