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“On va gagner!”

PARIS- Solferino in the 7th arrondissement. 7pm

“Sarkozy, C’est fini!”

Hollande supporters march through Paris to celebrate victory at the Bastille.

Candidates and Public Head to the Polls

UPDATED, PARIS – As of 5pm local time, the current participation rate is 71.96%, as reported by Le Monde.  After polls opened at 8am Sunday morning, the Ministry of the Interior reports that within the first four hours 30.66% of the population had voted in the 2nd tour of the election, an increase from the noon turnout of the 1st tour (28.29%) but a decrease from the 2007 result (34.11%). While it is anticipated that[Read More…]

May Day Proves To Be Heated

PARIS – In France, as in many countries in Europe, May Day marks International Workers’ Day, and today was even more tension-filled than usual. It is a national holiday in France, each year celebrated on May 1st. Schools and businesses have the day off, and every year the people take to the streets. Today was no different, in fact, today was even more politically charged than previous years. With the first round of elections finished[Read More…]