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Paris Municipal Elections: Two Weeks to Go

LILLE – With less than two weeks until the French elect the 36,680 mayors that will govern their municipalities for the next six years, it is time to look at the most important race: Paris. If you thought the French electoral system hard to understand, Paris’ is even worse. Because of the its size and its important role as the capital, the municipality was under the direct control of the government until 1975, when the first[Read More…]

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Municipal Elections: Three Weeks to Go

LILLE. – After last week’s article on the basics of the municipal and inter-municipal elections, La Jeune Politique looks at the issues in France’s main cities. In the municipal elections at the end of the month, the Parti Socialiste (PS) and the Union Pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) will be the main parties vying for France’s major cities, in addition to the Front National (FN), the far-right party that could possibly win the two-round election[Read More…]

Hollande Announces Measures to Increase France’s Economic Outlook

President Francois Hollande presented a fresh fiscal outlook for the struggling French economy to 30 or more international business executives on 17 February. The meeting included representatives from corporate staples such as Volvo, Intel and Nestle, in addition to financial chiefs from China and various Gulf nations. France, the European Union’s second-largest economy, has experienced few positive fiscal trends during Hollande’s tenure. As a result, business leaders are seeing fewer opportunities in the country. France’s[Read More…]

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Four French Notables to be Buried in Panthéon

On Friday, Feb. 21, President François Hollande announced that four new individuals were to be inducted into the Panthéon, a secular mausoleum in the Latin Quarter that serves as the final resting place to dozens of France’s notables. Among the four named were two women, WWII resistance fighters Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz, the latter a niece to former President General Charles de Gaulle.  Their addition brings the number of women buried in the[Read More…]

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European communication network: viable reaction to NSA scandal?

LONDON. – Angela Merkel has voiced support for a European communication network that would keep out the US. Germany has been pushing the issue of data protection in Europe ever since the NSA scandal first broke. Following revelations that Merkel’s phone had been under surveillance –among 60 million other German calls the NSA had tapped into – the German Chancellor has now unveiled her commitment to building an alternative internet network for Europe. In her weekly[Read More…]