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Aryault Counters Criticisms of Inactivity by Announcing Upcoming Reforms

On Wednesday August 22nd, Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault announced on BFM-TV and RMC the reforms the government will implement in the coming months, overpowering the criticisms of inactivity from the UMP and Jean Luc Mélenchon regarding the first 100 days of presidency The main points of these interviews concerned firstly the Livret A, the most famous French savings account. It was one of Hollande’ s promises during his campaign to double the rate of[Read More…]

French Court Rules New EU Budgetary Pact Constitutional

The Paris Constitutional Council ruled Thursday night that the new European Union fiscal treaty does not require a constitutional amendment. This puts the EU one step closer to adopting the budgetary pact. 25 countries signed the treaty in early March, including all 17 Euro Zone countries, and the new laws subject member states to stricter economic standards. The U.K. and the Czech Republic were the two countries not to sign the treaty. The “golden rule”[Read More…]

Hollande Honors Fallen Soldier at Alpine Military Base

Saturday morning, President François Hollande visited the Varces military base at the foot of the Alps to speak at the military funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan last Monday, August 6. Major Franck Bouzet, who died during an operation in the Kapisa province of Afghanistan, was the 88th French soldier to lose his life in the war in Afghanistan. Bouzet belonged to the 7th battalion of the Chausseurs Alpins, a branch of the French[Read More…]

Hollande’s Government Outlines Housing Priorities

During a cabinet meeting Wednesday, the Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing, Cécile Duflot, presented her initial plans to address France’s housing issues. “The first step for the global policy that the government wishes to undertake is to improve the lives of the French, increasing housing access and supporting the construction effort.” Ms. Duflot’s first act will be to issue a decree on rent regulation, published in late July. The decree will ensure that for[Read More…]

The European Court Defends French Jehovah’s Witnesses

On June 30, the European Human Rights Court published a resolution asserting that France does not respect the 9th article of the European Convention on Religious Freedom. Their claim has a direct link with a recent dispute which put the French government and the Jehovah’s Witnesses in opposition. Once again, France finds itself at odds with the policies of the  European Union. Despite European court decisions which repeatedly condemn her, France has always refused to[Read More…]