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Photo Gallery: Pro-Choice Supporters Demonstrate in Paris

Read about the Feb. 1 demonstration here.

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Threatened Abortion Rights in Spain Spark Concern in France

On Jan. 20, the French Parliament started debating a new set of laws regarding gender equality. The bill included an amendment of a 1975 law that allows abortion. The amendment removes the requirement that a woman must be in a situation of “distress” in order to have an abortion. The amendment was passed on Jan. 21. More precisely, the words “the woman who is put in a situation of distress by her pregnancy” were replaced[Read More…]

Is France as Unprepared for the Future as We Think?

From the Roman writers of old to Tony Soprano’s anxious musings in the pilot episode of The Sopranos, navel-gazing is as old as Western civilization itself. Even now, American students who take French long enough will inevitably be asked to write a response to the following prompt: “Les Etats-Unis sont-ils en déclin? Repondez avec des exemples.” If the prospect of American decline does not lend itself to optimism, American writers are all too eager to[Read More…]

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Back From Broadway: Why Are the French So Reluctant to Belong?

When I got back to France after a semester at Columbia University, my friends welcomed me as if those four months “abroad on Broadway” had not really happened. But there was a tiny glitch in the illusion that nothing had changed and it quickly reminded me that I had truly been abroad in a foreign country. As a souvenir of my time spent there, I still wear a Columbia sweatshirt. It was such a common[Read More…]

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French and German Presidents Meet in Oradour-sur-Glane, Site of Nazi Massacre

This coming year will mark a few key dates in world history that helped mold the relationship between France and Germany. 2014 symbolizes the 100th anniversary of World War I’s outbreak. The anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée is coming up on January 22, as it is the 51st year since Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer signed the document for reconciliation between France and Germany. Additionally, the 70th anniversary of Europe’s freedom from Nazi[Read More…]

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