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France Reacts to Charlie Hebdo Massacre

PARIS – All over Facebook, people changed their profile pictures to a simple black box with broad white letters that reads “Je suis Charlie.” Joachim Roncin from the French magazine Stylist designed the image just after the terrorist attack that targeted the Parisian office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday January 7, at 11:30 am that left 12 people dead. While this very “modern” response to the tragedy – which means“I am Charlie”[Read More…]

Two French Women Killed in Kenya Mall Attack

Two French citizens were among the 62 people killed in last week’s terrorist shooting attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack also left 175 people wounded. Other foreign victims include an unknown number Americans, at least one British citizen, and two Canadians, one of whom was identified as Annemarie Desloges, a visiting diplomat. In a statement at the Elysée Palace, French President François Hollande said that he “condemns this cowardly attack[Read More…]

Muslim Fundamentalists of Alleged Terrorist Cell Arrested

On Saturday October 6, a man was shot down and 11 others, all suspected of terrorism, were arrested and placed into custody. The arrests were a direct consequence of a police investigation triggered by an attack against a Jewish shop on September 19. Three policemen were injured lightly in trying to arrest the leader of the alleged terrorist group. Jérémy Louis-Sidney, 33, religious fundamentalist and polygamist, was shot down after firing against the police and[Read More…]