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Hollande Announces Measures to Increase France’s Economic Outlook

President Francois Hollande presented a fresh fiscal outlook for the struggling French economy to 30 or more international business executives on 17 February. The meeting included representatives from corporate staples such as Volvo, Intel and Nestle, in addition to financial chiefs from China and various Gulf nations. France, the European Union’s second-largest economy, has experienced few positive fiscal trends during Hollande’s tenure. As a result, business leaders are seeing fewer opportunities in the country. France’s[Read More…]

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European Union Passes Budget for 2014 to 2020

After approving the 2014-2020 European budget on November 14 in the European Union’s budget committee, deputies of the EU voted on November 19 in plenary to put the motion into effect on January 1. The budget proposal passed with a vote of 537 to 126 with 19 abstentions. The deal includes a high-level working that uses the EU’s “own resources” to keep the Parliament’s income and spending in check. By passing this budget, the EU Parliament has lowered[Read More…]

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Disappointing EU Factory Data Raises Doubts About Recovery

Eurozone manufacturing numbers plunged in July to their lowest level in three years, according to newly-released macroeconomic data. A fall of 1.5% in industrial output was reported across the 17-country Eurozone, instead of the 0.1% increase forecast by economists. The drop, reported by European Union statistics agency Eurostat, raises serious questions about whether European leaders can sustain a promising, but still uncertain, economic recovery. Germany, the EU’s largest economy and a perennial manufacturing powerhouse, posted[Read More…]

Popularity Levels for Hollande and Ayrault Rise

Things may be looking up for French President Francois Hollande. His approval ratings rose 2% to reach 32% on September 3, and those of French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault rose 2% to reach 38%. Results were measured according to a survey conducted by polling company Ifop for September. According to the survey, 67% of the French disapprove of Hollande, with 1% holding no opinion. Regarding international affairs, 55% believe that Hollande is doing his best[Read More…]

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Hollande’s Government Cautiously Moves Towards Pension Reform

In a televised presentation aired August 27, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced the planned reform of the pension system. However as much as European officials and others in France have called for structural reform of the system, the consensus is that the socialist government’s reform is cautious. Because a system of social protections is deeply ingrained in French society, anytime it comes under question or revision debate, controversy, and protests are sure to follow.[Read More…]

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