EU Investigation Puts Corporate Tax Evasion Under Scrutiny

Apple, Starbucks and Fiat have come under close scrutiny in an investigation by the European Commission over a possible loophole they believe the companies have been exploiting to slash their corporate taxes. The European Commission has launched tax investigations in various EU countries in the past, but this is the first time that specific multinational companies have been targeted. The investigation was launched by the EU Commission’s Vice President and competition regulator Joaquin Almunia, after[Read More…]

European Court of Human Rights Upholds France’s Burqa Ban

On Tuesday, July 2 the European Court of Human Rights upheld France’s 2010 law that bans the burqa in public spaces and ruled that the ban does not violate Muslim women’s human rights. The case was brought to the Court by a 24-year-old Muslim French woman in April 2011, who denounced the law as not only discriminatory but also a breach of religious freedom. At the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, judges ruled[Read More…]

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With Sizzling World Cup Scoring, France Shake Off 2010’s Campaign of Shame

If the FIFA World Cup was purely a contest of cumulative goals scored, France would be able to toss a glance back at most of the competition with an appropriate shrug of French indifference after their first two matches. After a 2010 Cup campaign that was, to put it lightly, a disastrous national embarrassment, the team is trying to rebrand itself as a bearer of good news — nailing the ball into the net eight[Read More…]

European Elections: Eurosceptics Rise All Over Europe, Lead in France

And the award for best Eurosceptic polling in the 2014 European election goes to… France! Perhaps this could be a consolation after France’s catastrophic results in the continental singing contest Eurovision – France finished dead last, scoring two points against Austria’s 290 – because, apart from this shameful record, there was nothing worth celebrating in the results of the European Parliament elections. While no one seems to consider how calling more than 300 million Europeans[Read More…]

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Why Breaking Bad Couldn’t Have Been a French TV Show

PARIS – I recently stumbled upon a joke on 9gag about what Breaking Bad would have looked like if had happened in France. First of all, Breaking Bad probably never would have existed because the French still have not developed a culture of producing quality, daring TV shows. On the whole, they have been rather boring, conventional, and poorly produced, with a few rare exceptions. But the essence of the 9gag joke was elsewhere. If[Read More…]

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