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Hollande meets with Gabon President, Ali Bongo

Thursday afternoon, Francois Hollande met with Ali Bongo, President of Gabon, at the Palace Elysée. During their meeting, the relationship between France and its former colony were discussed in depth. France has numerous military and strategic interests in Gabon. At the end of his visit, Ali Bongo reiterated its confidence in “the great friendship” between the two countries. “I do not know france-afrique,” he has also added to address the criticism aroused by the visit.[Read More…]

Parity Series, Part 2: Where we are in 2012

Many claim that the road to perfect parity has been achieved, that equality among men and women in the realm of politics has been achieved. Much progress has been made on the issue, but a closer look at the issue in today’s political world reveals that there is still work to be done. A major step in this direction is perfectly equal government of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault for both its initial make-up and after[Read More…]