The Diminishing Value of the Baccalaureate

The Baccalaureate Exam was created in 1808 in France to evaluate, at the end of high school, students’ knowledge that they had gained. It was also intended to ensure that the students were capable of advancing to higher learning. This year’s students are the first to take the Bac after the reform of 2010. Although, it seems to many that the reform did not resolve many problems of the Bac. The number of people pushing[Read More…]

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It’s Back to the Benches for the New Representatives

On May 26th, the newly elected representatives of the French National Assembly chose their President. For some, this was new and exhilarating, while others made their way back to the benches that had been theirs for years before. After months of intense campaigning, this is an important moment when political forces begin navigating a new balance that will dictate the five years to come. This new Assembly witnessed a reversal of the majority party. After[Read More…]

Inside the Campaign: Victory and Disenchantment Among the Young Socialists

On June 17th, the Left and its leading party, the Parti Socialiste (PS) won the legislative elections, after a series of electoral victories. This came a little over 1 month after the PS also won the Presidential election on May 6. After this crucial and long political period, which has monopolized the attention of the French for almost a year, the socialists now have all the powers they ever wanted in their hands, from the[Read More…]