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For or Against: What the Gay Marriage Protests Tell Us About France

PARIS. – On February 2, the French National Assembly voted to legalize gay marriage, followed shortly thereafter by Great Britain on February 5. The path leading to the adoption of this article of the gay rights project was not simple, however, and was marked by several massive demonstrations from both sides. The French are no strangers to protests. It has even been called a national tradition, drawing millions to the streets on issues such as[Read More…]

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Hollande’s Visit to Mali Seen as Support of Democracy

PARIS. – President Hollande was in Mali for a brief visit on Saturday February 2. Hollande is no stranger to the battlefield – he visited Afghanistan only a few days after his election, though this visit in no way compares. This is not a conflict he inherited, but one that was started during his presidency. Upon his arrival in Timbuktu, Hollande was greeted by thousands waving French flags and shouting his praises. The women in[Read More…]

Guide to the Conflict in Mali: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 of La Jeune Politique’s Guide to the Conflict in Mali WHY MALI? AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) is a foreign force — the soldiers are not Malian and they apply a radical version of Charia law, a practice alien to the local people and to Malian culture. Many occurrences of flogging, amputations, and killings have been reported, and news of a public stoning shocked the country. Music has been[Read More…]

Guide to the Conflict in Mali: Part 1

HOW WE GOT HERE Since gaining its independence from France in 1960, Mali has been dealing with northern Tuareg separatist movements. This ethnically Arabic group roams the desert in the north of the country and has rebelled many times in hopes of obtaining independence for what they call “the country of Azawad.” Their chance came when the Libyan conflict erupted – fighting alongside Gaddafi, they got their hands on many more weapons than they had[Read More…]

France Faces Criticism over Malian Intervention as Humanitarian Questions Arise

As new humanitarian concerns arise over the situation in Mali, tensions on the ground there have been highlighted by analysts and reporters. Several incidents of retaliation have been reported in recently liberated cities against both “white faces” (Arabic and Tuareg) and black Africans believed to have collaborated with the Islamists. Worse still, summary executions were allegedly carried out by Malian army forces, a prospect about which the United Nations and other observers had warned the[Read More…]