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Sarkozy speaks out amidst series of scandals

For the first time since he lost his reelection campaign in 2012, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given a public statement defending himself in the wake of a series of political scandals that have plagued him since he left office. He published an address in Le Figaro on March 21, criticizing the actions of the French state under current French President Francois Hollande. “The sacred principles of our Republic are trampled,” he said. Sarkozy[Read More…]

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Mathieu Gallet Tapped as New CEO of Radio France

For French public radio broadcaster Radio France, leadership is taking on a fresh new meaning. On Thursday, Feb. 27, the Conseil superieur de l’audiovisuel (or CSA, an independent media regulator organization in France) chose Mathieu Gallet, 37, as the new CEO of Radio France. Gallet will succeed current CEO Jean-Luc Hees. The choice of Gallet seems to suggest a movement toward a younger, more dynamic radio. Gallet, the youngest CEO in the history of Radio[Read More…]

Moody’s Remains Skeptical of Hollande’s Economic Policies

Credit rating giant Moody’s has decided to maintain France’s credit rating as Aa1 or AA+, the second highest rating on its credit scale. The stability of the credit rating came after France’s economic policies underwent their first major test of the year in the markets on January 24. Moody’s outlook, however, is tinged with a hint of disapproval. Despite the maintenance of the credit rating, Moody’s has announced its skepticism of Hollande’s economic policies. The[Read More…]

Hollande Gives Press Conference in Corrèze

French President Francois Hollande gave his traditional New Year’s Press Conference to Corrèze, a department in south-central France. The conference, which took place the weekend of January 11, focused on rural and local government reform as well as economic policy. Hollande promised that 2014 would be a year of decentralization, and emphasized the importance of rural areas of France such as Corrèze. “Rural areas are not nostalgia—they are assets,” he said. He also spoke against[Read More…]

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Xenophobia Continues to be Pervading Problem in France

Xenophobia and anti-Islamic sentiment have been on the rise in Europe, and France is no stranger to this trend. Racism in public discourse has become especially conspicuous in recent years.  In the political arena, politicians are no strangers to dealing with xenophobia. This turmoil can be attributed in part to the influx of immigrants from post-colonial Africa. The floundering economy has prompted nationalists to protest that the immigrants are taking away opportunities from domestic candidates.[Read More…]

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