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2014: New Deal for President Hollande

What a first couple of weeks! After a disastrous fall, President Hollande decided to take a huge initiative in a master political maneuver – one that some analysts have already dubbed the launch of the President’s re-election campaign. It is possible to say, without exaggerating, that January was the month when Hollande decided to make a fresh start after a very difficult end to 2013. This overhaul was done in two phases. During his New Year’s[Read More…]

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What France Will Remember of 2013

The Presidential election of 2012 was certainly not one of revolutionary speeches and promises of a new tomorrow, but the success of François Hollande and the coming-to-power of the Parti socialiste and its allies nevertheless brought great hope among the French people. For those who chose to put their faith in Hollande and his party, 2013 has been a major disappointment, and they are more disillusioned than ever with traditional politics. And regarding Hollande’s promises[Read More…]

Bayrou & Borloo Unite Again in Formation of The Alternative

It was like a family reunion. Not the kind when your family gathers every Christmas or Easter, but instead when you resolve a longstanding family dispute and make peace with a brother you have not seen in ten years. François Bayrou and Jean-Louis Borloo have joined their efforts and formed a new political party, the Alternative. Bayrou and Borloo are political brothers who were brought up in the center-right movement Union pour la Démocratie Française[Read More…]

A Change Has Gotta Come

Among the main characteristics of democracy, the changing of political power is one of the most important and the most indicative of a mature democratic regime. In this sense, the electoral success of the Parti Socialiste (PS) after ten years of right-wing leadership breathed new life into France’s politics. But fifteen months after the inauguration of President François Hollande, the assessment is bitter. The left-wing majorities in Parliament and government have alienated the vast majority[Read More…]

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Shutdown, Debt Ceiling: The Constitutional Limits of the World Superpower

Since October 1, the United States administration has been functioning at minimum capacity due to the Republican-led House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate’s inability to reach a consensus over next year’s budget. Meanwhile, they are also negotiating another raise of the country’s legal debt ceiling – the current one will be reached on October 17th, blocking all Federal State expenses. As seen from France, the crisis seems surreal. How can such a dominant force[Read More…]