Articles by: Hugo Argenton

UMP: After the Defeat Comes…

Well, Nicolas Sarkozy lost, and the right-wing force in the National Assembly lost. After the disappointment of his supporters settled, some still found it difficult to understand the fact that they are now the minority, making it clear that the largest consequence of this defeat will be on the Union pour un Movement Populaire (UMP) itself. Like the Parti Socialist (PS) in 2007, the right-wing party will experiment during a time of serious internal troubles[Read More…]

Where is the Left?

Yes, François Hollande has been elected President of the Republic. Yes, the Parti Socialiste (PS) controls all the major institutions. But since there is nothing very socialist about the PS, is it still a Left party? After the defeat, the debate. A few after losing the Elections to the PS, the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) is now experiencing the same crisis the PS underwent in 2007: fight for leadership and ideological questioning. On the[Read More…]

Op-Ed: The Show That Strips You Off

Last night was the second episode of revived documentary series Strip Tease. Like the week before, the show received a large social media response and has been fuelling a social and political conversation, confirming that this show is unlike any other on the air right now. The first scene says it all. Charlotte, 16, hangs up the phone and lights up a cigarette. She just told her boyfriend that she is pregnant after being in a[Read More…]