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Reflections on a World Cup Past: France Lose to Germany, But Future is Bright

In FIFA World Cup football, history matters. Whether it was made on the playing field or not. The international history of France playing Germany in the sport is sparse — they’ve only met four times in the World Cup — but significant. Any time two nations with such a telling recent past butt heads and cleats on a playing field, there’s going to be baggage, ferocious battles, and some sore losing. It’s only too easy[Read More…]

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With Sizzling World Cup Scoring, France Shake Off 2010’s Campaign of Shame

If the FIFA World Cup was purely a contest of cumulative goals scored, France would be able to toss a glance back at most of the competition with an appropriate shrug of French indifference after their first two matches. After a 2010 Cup campaign that was, to put it lightly, a disastrous national embarrassment, the team is trying to rebrand itself as a bearer of good news — nailing the ball into the net eight[Read More…]

A Look Back at NKM’s Failed Campaign

PARIS – It was a French election night that went the UMP’s way. They had strong campaigns, excitement, momentum. They had the Parti Socialiste (PS) where they wanted them – unpopular – and they left them scrambling to maintain a hint of the historic election successes they had two years ago. But the staunchly liberal bastion of Paris refused to fall — and the UMP’s candidate for mayor of Paris, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, paid the price. NKM saw[Read More…]

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Interior Minister Manuel Valls Replaces Ayrault as Prime Minister

PARIS – It was the election night that the Parti Socialiste feared, and hoped would not become a reality — but the resignation of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his French government make the damage done on Sunday night quite clear. Ayrault resigned Monday afternoon after the PS won only 40.57 percent of the total vote in France, while the UMP scored nearly 46 percent and took over several major cities that had been controlled by the Left, namely Toulouse, Limoges, and Reims.[Read More…]

Front National Candidates Show Strength in Numbers for Municipal Elections

PARIS – Nearly 600 candidates from the far-right and long-disregarded Front National (FN) party are slated to grace the municipal elections stage during these last two weekends of March—the largest turnout ever facilitated by the radical group. But it turns out they may not all be on the ballot by choice. On March 6, the regional newspaper Paris Normandie reported that multiple candidates on the FN’s list for the Seine-Maritime region had been “tricked by[Read More…]