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Internet Wars: Google and EU Work to Reach Agreement Three Years in the Making

On Wednesday, February 5, the European Commission announced it had accepted terms proposed by Google to remedy problems concerning the marketing of online search results. Google was accused of overstepping boundaries, yet the talks between the EU and Google are said to have opened the way for an amicable solution. The 14 plaintiffs can be sure of their position before the Commission even makes a final decision, expected to be reached within the month, to[Read More…]

Trial of Alleged Rwandan Genocide Participant Opens in Paris

On Tuesday, February 4, the trial of Pascal Simbikangwa, an alleged participant in the Rwandan Genocide, opened at the Paris Criminal Court. The trial is a judicial first in France; many Rwandans have not looked upon France favorably, claiming that many exiles fled to the European country after murdering fellow countrymen in 1994. Simbikangwa was arrested in Mayotte, a French island, for carrying false records. He will therefore be tried in Paris, even though he[Read More…]

Harmony and Unity at UMP National Council

The battle for the pre-presidential primary election, in which Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be ever present, is again on everyone’s mind. However, several weeks before key Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) elections, the parties worked to show their unity at the national council in Paris, on Jan. 25. It was stated that “unity” and “gathering” were the driving forces behind this meeting, with many participants making efforts to see past their own ideals, and[Read More…]

Keeping Personal Information Private: Europe responds to NSA Overseas Surveillance

The United States NSA, National Security Agency, has not only been keeping track of business at home, but has expanded its network overseas. Recently, Europeans have discovered Prism, an information program put in place by the NSA to scan communications on various online websites, such as Google, Facebook, and Skype. These new revelations were reported by the French newspaper, Le Monde, and have resulted in an enormous outcry from the public as well as from[Read More…]

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Marseille and Colombes Find Themselves Caught Between Drug-Dealing Gangs

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, a shootout transpired in the late afternoon in Colombes, France, a town located in the Hauts-de-Seine region of Paris. Tuesday’s shootout involved a group of young men who shot at a man driving a vehicle. The conflict was subsequent to a clash of a similar nature occurring less than 24 hours earlier. Most of the violence in Colombes and Marseille centers on illegal drug operations and competition between rival gangs.[Read More…]

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