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Bilingual Programs Pushing for Space in New York City

Foreign-language schools are fighting a constant battle on the terrain of New York City education. New York City’s schools are some of the most diverse in the nation, serving students from a myriad of backgrounds speaking dozens of native languages. There are over 140,000 English-Language Learners (ELL) students whose first language is not English and whose English has not been deemed proficient. Yet resources to serve this diverse body of students are stretched thin. Recently,[Read More…]

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“Fait-Maison”: French Roll Out Logo for “House-made” Restaurant Dishes

The French have always been particular about their food. Under a recent consumer protection law titled, “Public decree No. 2014-797,” restaurants in France will be allowed to display a symbol to indicate that dishes are “homemade.” The law is intended to combat the growing trend of off-premise preparation and frozen, ready-made food in restaurants. However, the narrow intentions of the law may not reflect its application. Despite a 21-page guide explaining the law’s stipulations, restaurateurs[Read More…]

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Paris Bike Share Vélib Opens Child-Friendly Cycling Program

This past Wednesday, June 18, Paris rolled out a childhood cycling program—the first of its kind—enabling students as young as two to take advantage of Paris’ highly successful bike share program, Vélib. Named “P’tit Vélib,” this new program provides 300 bikes for hire at five different pedestrian-friendly, low-traffic parks across the city. The bikes themselves vary across four sizes, from a pedal-less bike for the youngest of riders to a bike with training wheels, as[Read More…]

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Taxi Protests Against Uber Disrupt Commute Across Europe

Major cities across Europe faced epic traffic jams on Wednesday, June 11 as taxi drivers organized an international protest against Uber, the highly successful U.S. based car service. The streets of London, Berlin, Paris, and Madrid all experienced major demonstrations. Paris taxi drivers slowed traffic on busy commuter routes in and around the city, blocking roads to the Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, as well as the perimeter A1 highway that circles the city.[Read More…]

Strong Far-Right Turnout Signals Presidential Possibilities for Le Pen

The surprisingly strong turnout of the Front Nationale (FN), France’s right-wing conservative party, in last week’s European Parliament elections has some asking a surprising question: could Marine Le Pen be the next president of France. While the presidential elections are far in the future—not set to occur until 2017—the parliamentary elections show that Le Pen’s party is gaining traction with the popular voter base. The FN, previously led by Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie, has rebranded[Read More…]