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Sarkoleaks: Recordings of Meetings from Sarkozy’s Presidency Leaked to Press

LONDON – The era of privacy is definitely coming to an end. After the NSA leaks and the ensuing revelations, the French press has been taken aback since Wednesday over the scandal that has already dubbed “Sarkoleaks.” The newspaper Le Canard Enchainé and the website Atlantico revealed that Patrick Buisson, a special counsellor to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, had recorded meetings between himself and other members of the government in 2011 without their knowledge.[Read More…]

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Major Internship Reform Underway

The French National Assembly has acted on the issue of internships and voted in favor of a major reform formulated by the ruling Parti Socialiste on the status of interns. The vote occurred on the night of February 24 and received every vote from the Left majority. The bill aims at guaranteeing a certain amount of equality between interns and other employees who are given similar workloads. Interns will receive a status inside the company[Read More…]

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Hollande’s Visit Emphasizes Unity between France and US

French President François Hollande travelled to the United States last week for an official State visit at the invitation of President Barack Obama, aiming to symbolize the renewal of French-American relations. Such a visit had not occurred since Former French President Jacques Chirac visited Bill Clinton in 1996. Hollande and Obama published a co-written article in Le Monde in partnership with the Washington Post. The piece was used as a sign of alignment in which[Read More…]

Massive Strike at Libération

London – A crisis started last week in the headquarters of Libération, one of France’s main newspapers, and has been ongoing since. Libération is suffering from a growing schism between its staff and shareholders due to the announced plans of major restructuring. The strike from the staff began after the announcement of a major restructuring plan by major shareholders of the paper to transform it into an online platform and an informational social network. The[Read More…]

France and United Kingdom Talk of Military Cooperation

After a series of official visits in the Netherlands, Turkey and the Vatican, French President Francois Hollande travelled to the United Kingdom last Friday to attend the opening of a Franco-British summit in the military base of Brize-Norton, near Oxford. Accompanied by four ministers, including Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Hollande discussed many topics with British Prime Minister David Cameron. The summit, which took place in a military base filled[Read More…]