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Pressed by Energy Demands, UK Allows Drilling for Shale Gas

LONDON. – In September, the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that the government will remove legislative barriers to onshore oil and gas and to deep geothermal exploration. Such measures will allows companies to start drilling and testing for shale gas in the UK and to begin to exploit available resources. Stipulations on drilling include permission requests and detailed environmental reports. After a period of reticence towards onshore drilling and fracking in[Read More…]

The French Baccalaureat– a Billion Euro Exam

On Friday June 21, the last official exam of the French Baccalaureat was held. The Baccalaureat exam, the equivalent of UK A-Levels and the equivalent of American High School’s end-of-year exams, is solely a State run program. The French Baccalaureat is one of the oldests schooling systems. Originating from the 18th century, the Baccalaureat was set up as a prerequisite for practicing medicine, law, theology, or the arts in France and was later adopted by[Read More…]

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French Soldier Stabbed in Paris

On Saturday, May 25, a male French citizen described as “North African” in appearance stabbed a 23-year-old soldier in the neck with a pocketknife and fled. The incident took place in “La Defense” – a crowded part of Paris known for its office buildings and large mall – where soldiers were patrolling the area as part of France’s anti-terrorism security plan. The soldier is now in recovery. The attack comes three days after the murder[Read More…]

French Polynesia: On its Way to Being the Newest Country after South Sudan?

Last week, Friday May 17, 2013, the United Nations adopted a resolution to put French Polynesia back onto the UN list of territories to be decolonized along with 16 other territories – including the British Falkland Islands, the US Virgin Islands, Gibraltar and Bermuda. The UN General Assembly requested of the French Government to “facilitate rapid progress […] towards a self determination process.” For a territory to become a part of this list of Non-Self-Governing[Read More…]

Transitioning from AFISMA to a United Nations Stabilization Operation MINUSMA

Thursday April 25, the Security Council of the United Nations unanimously approved a resolution put forward by the French government to bring in a UN peacekeeping force for Mali as of the July 1. Within the next 60 days the UN shall determine the area’s state of security is adequate to allow for their deployment of troops in July. If so, the UN would deploy a total of 12,600 “blue-helmets” of which a maximum of[Read More…]