Articles by: Catherine Lazerwitz

European Union Passes Budget for 2014 to 2020

After approving the 2014-2020 European budget on November 14 in the European Union’s budget committee, deputies of the EU voted on November 19 in plenary to put the motion into effect on January 1. The budget proposal passed with a vote of 537 to 126 with 19 abstentions. The deal includes a high-level working that uses the EU’s “own resources” to keep the Parliament’s income and spending in check. By passing this budget, the EU Parliament has lowered[Read More…]

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Midwives on Strike, Demanding Pay Raise and Respect

Six thousand midwives in Paris took to the street November 7 in a nationwide movement to protest the medical community’s failure to recognize these women as doctors. In a country where nearly 20,000 midwives practice and most work in hospitals, the Minister of Health’s continued refusal to grant midwives official titles for their work has reached a boiling point. These women—and men—have been on strike for three weeks, protesting in front of the Ministry of[Read More…]

French Football Clubs Cry Foul Over 75% Tax

French association football (soccer) teams are in an uproar in the aftermath of French President François Hollande’s sweeping tax measures introduced as part of the 2014 budget. The 75% tax levied on the wealthiest in France will effect more than France’s millionaires, and football teams have declared the tax will “kill” the sport. Because the tax is on any company whose income exceeds 1 million euros, football clubs would fall into the category. After meeting[Read More…]

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France Demands Answers, Explanations over NSA Activity

Following an article from Le Monde detailing the NSA’s invasive intelligence activity on French citizens on Monday, October 21, the United States has faced a firestorm of criticism from France. According to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward J. Snowden, the United States recorded data from 70 million phones in France over 30 days, including both phone calls and SMS texts. On the heels of an embarrassing shutdown that incapacitated the US government for[Read More…]

Two Cases of SARS Confirmed in France

After a possible SARS case had been reported on May 10 in Valenciennes, a second case has been confirmed Monday, May 12.  The individuals, two men aged 65 and 50, shared the same hospital room from April 27 to 29. The new strain of the virus was identified in the Middle East last September, killing 18 of the 34 people believed infected by the disease, predominantly in Saudi Arabia. Doctors predict that the first victim contracted[Read More…]