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French Government Concerned with its Citizens’ Involvement in Syria

Following the release of a group of French journalists from a Syrian prison, the issue of French citizens leaving the country to “faire le djihad” has been brought to the public’s attention. The hostages were released on April 20 after 10 months of captivity. During a debriefing by the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), to obtain more details on the timeline of captivity, conditions and location, jihadists, etc., it was discovered that the[Read More…]

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika Re-elected for Fourth Term

On Friday April 18, Minister of the Interior Tayeb Belaïz of Algeria, announced that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been re-elected for a fourth term with 81.53 percent of the vote. Belaïz declared that the Algerian people had elected Bouteflika freely, in a climate of transparency and neutrality. On election day, Bouteflika submitted his ballot from a wheelchair at the Bachir El Ibrahimi à El Biar school in Algiers. This assistance was necessary following multiple hospitalizations[Read More…]

France Says No to GMO Corn

The French National Assembly passed a bill this week to ban the planting of transgenic corn within the country’s borders, in a new attempt to perennially ban MON810 corn. The bill’s main objective is to legally secure the ban on American agro-giant Monsanto’s genetically modified corn species, including Pioneer TC1507. The bill also confers to administrative authorities the power to decide on the destruction of crops violating the moratorium. A preliminary ban was decreed in[Read More…]

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How does the Franco-German Relationship Shape Europe?

At a meeting of the French and German ministers in Paris last month, French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to be more united than ever. Hollande emphasized the importance of agreeing on major foreign policy issues, highlighting the alignment of the two countries on issues in Iran, Syria, and Africa. Concerning Ukraine, the two leaders condemned the Ukrainian officials responsible for violence and excessive force, and encouraged sanctions. In another instance,[Read More…]

Annual Agricultural Fair in Paris Comes to an End

Nearly 1,300 exhibitors from 22 different countries around the world displayed their prized animals, food and food products this past week at the 51st annual Salon International de l’Agriculture. More than four thousand animals were transported to Paris to be displayed. Often referred to as the “biggest farm in France”, the salon showcases local products, regional and international gastronomy, large-scale farming, and eco-tourism. New technologies were also promoted this year – satellite, drones, robots in[Read More…]